The History of the Tabanco

Over 70 years ago, Uncle Manuel opened the doors to what today is known in Jerez as the Tabanco San Pablo, in the street of the same name in the heart of San Miguel. A place that, despite its discreet modernisms and creature comforts, continues to breathe tradition, warmth and feeling of a bygone era when Jerez understood the world of wine better than any other place in the world.

Nowadays, Jesus Muñoz is at the helm of ship where young and old mingle, regardless of background or age. Either on the terrace of the narrow, side street, San Pablo or huddled up warm inside when the fresh wind blows.

Jesus Muñoz says that San Pablo has taught him how to appreciate good wine, especially Pedro Ximenez, that hidden gem of the vine that lingers in the mouth. Or Oloroso, the forbidden fruit of the Tabanco’s barrels that he’d never tried. For Jesus, Oloroso became an authentic blessing and a discovery that even those who saw The Americas for the first time would have loved to find.

Of course, the excellent wine is in the good company of terrific Tapas. The Spanish Tortilla midday or cheese rolls, salmon in Roquefort combine to provide the perfect traditional atmosphere. Decades of tradition framed perfectly by the ancient wine barrels.

Jerez and its people have always known how to appreciate its charming little hideaways. Including the pleasure of approaching Jesus’ bar to smell and lose yourself in the aroma of sweet wine. The mixture of good wines and a relaxing atmosphere is the secret behind a place that leaps out of the image of a 1930s postcard.

The Tabanco’s Family Tree

It would be impossible to talk about San Pablo’s history without looking at the people behind it through the years. The Tabanco opened its doors in 1934, thanks to Manuel Muñoz Peña, commonly known by all as El Tio Manuel. He held the reins until 1976 when he handed them over to his nephew, El Nene (The Kid).

From then on, El Nene (Atanasio Muñoz) ran the place with the aid of his eldest son, Juan Manuel, seeing in the Tabanco’s second generation.

The reins were handed over to the youngest of the tribe, Jesus, at the start of the 90s. He diligently remains at the post today with his brother Juan Manuel.

Jesus can be found in his beloved San Pablo holding up the family tradition with pride, passion and professionalism, maintaining a love for the culture of wine and good food in Jerez.